About us

If you like shopping the sales you’ve come to the right place. We scout the web for all the sales online and off to bring you the best products at competitive prices..

We love deals, and this is how this website has come about. Deals and coupons were our thing but it becomes very time consuming and often a hassle.  That’s why most of us don’t all do it. We scour thru annoying emails and websites looking at cheap stuff in hope of finding a nugget. My guess is that’s you too.

So we decided to make it easier for ourselves and you.  All the best deals, very limited ads and popups, and an easy navigation will help you find what you’re looking for in one place instead of spending time hunting thru emails, forums, price comparisons and coupon sites. We offer you the sales prices from top online stores to give you a great selection of what’s on sale in your price range.

We don’t post every sale in town because we know most sales are just a pitch and there are plenty of sites that already do that. We use and recommend Ebates for reliable coupons and cash back for those deals.

If you need any assistance we’re here to help….just let us know below or use our contact link at the bottom of the page and keep up with our daily finds thru email, or social!




We pull valuable merchandise from great brands and companies all on sale so you can shop from the stores you love for great prices. Youo’ll find cheaper brands and luxury brands here, so you’re sure to find something you love, or what you’re looking for.