The Little Patients

sigikid Erwin The Little Patient

Features: Unzip the doll’s stomach to reveal his organs and skeleton., Encourages understanding of bodily function, and body composition., Removes stigma and mystery of the body while children learn anatomy., Play doctor and learn about your own body!, Erwin and his buddy rosi are from a german children’s book explaining the body to kids.

See how the esophagus is attached to the stomach, upper and lower intestines, then to the kidneys and bladder! You can trace where food goes when you eat it! Teach your children human anatomy by unzipping this plush anatomical doll straight out of the pages of the Erwin and Rosi books from Germany.
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sigikid Rosi The Little Patient

Features: Size: 17.3″, Ages: 3-12 Years, Material: Cotton, microfiber plush. Filling: 100% Polyester, Care: Machine washable in cold cycle

Now a “Rosi” doll is also finally available. Many children are already familiar with the curious little girl from the popular Erwin & Rosi children’s book series by Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer. This is a great toy for little kids playing pretend doctor.
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