The Sharper Image Remote Control Drone With Camera

12in. x 12in. x 4in. Sharper Image Rechargeable Remote Control Duable Camera Video Remote-Controlled Drone Pretend Playset for Boys

Features: Flies up to 150 feet high Control Range: 450 feet/ 2.46HZ 6 axis gyro stabilization and 360-degree flipping ability Rechargeable design with power save function to preserve battery life Control range of up to 450 feet and can go as high as 150 feet Smooth hovering performance Removable SD memory card included Capture photos and full-motion video with audio Built-in 0.3MP digital camera with removable 2GB SD card Age: 10 & Up Assembly: Assembly Required Battery Type: AA, If propellers does not turn:Ensure the flight battery is fully charged. If your drone has a battery monitoring system, the flight controller may not arm when the flight pack voltage is below a certain threshold., If motor is not functioning:Flight controllers expect each motor to spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on which spot they are located. Check you flight controller manual or data sheet for motor spin direction notations and make sure your motors are matching what the flight controller is configured for., If the remote control does not connect to the drone:Antenna placement is key to success for any wireless system. Power, antenna quality and placement, and clear line-of-sight are all important to good signal strength., Propeller Flies Off in Flight: As funny as it may sound, this does happen occasionally and can result in significant damage. Self tightening props are available from a few different suppliers are can ensure your propellers never come loose. Loctite Threadlocker can be used on prop securing bolts to prevent them from coming loose during flight.

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The Sharper Image Remote Control Drone With Camera


This colorful remote control drone from The Sharper Image includes a camera for taking incredible pictures and video.


  • Featured in black
  • Total controlled flight
  • Fly up and down, roll left and right, rotate and pitch forward and backward
  • Built in 0.3MP Digital Camera with removable 2GB SD card
  • Captures pictures and full motion video with audio
  • 6 axis gyro stabilization
  • 360 degree flipping ability
  • Flies up to 150 feet high
  • Recharge able design with power save function to preserve battery life
  • Control range=300M
  • Smooth hovering performance
  • Ages 10+
  • Imported